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Thread: Overclocking

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    Now how do you overclock? And is it dangerous. I have a ti4600 (GGRR) 768 ram 2.4 ghz. Now should I overclock. I know I dont have the money. But should I? If so tell me how too.

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    get on google and search overclocking, theres guides that tell u wat oc'n is and how to do it...please i repeat please dont not attempt to overclock anything untill you are POSITIVELY ABSOLUTY sure that you kno wat ur doing, if u dont you prolly will frie your cpu (the thing in the pc[personal computer] that has the fan and big heatsink) and yuour mobo (the thing that everything plugs into)

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    thanx. I made up my mind. I wont do it. Thanx man.

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    np, id buy more better stuff....but thats just me...

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    there are some programs that do overclocking... newer mobos have that too...

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    have a look on (check out there forums) thats a real good site and should gain a lot of info from there,

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    Originally posted by TheFilePirater@2 November 2003 - 19:55
    np, id buy more better stuff....but thats just me...
    why would you upgrade? that thing would kill mine with no problem. and i can run everything out there with very little problems. ive got a 933mhz old school athlon, 512mb pc100 memory, and a geforce mx440 64mb agp gfx card. why would you want to overclock your setup? that thing prolly runs everything out there at medium to high details with no problems. dont worry about overclocking until games dont run at minimum detail anymore.
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    well I do have the money for a ati radeon 9800. But when u think about it when u look on everything max . Nothing has changed. Maybe the models r a little lighter. Call of duty and max payne 2 are the first games in a year to lag with everything high. I feel like so you know like im the only one with a ge force 4. I need help. Should I waist 400? Or not care about setting it so high?

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    i wouldnt bother with it. im perfectly happy with my geforce 4 mx440, which is like 10 times slwoer then yours. so i wouldnt waste the money, just lower the settings a little bit.
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    hmm...i wouldn't bother overclocking or upgrading for right now...
    i have a P4 2.53 GH, geforce 4 ti4600 128MB, 1024MB RAM(i think its PC2700...dont remember ). i probably have to get a new HDD cause my 80GB HDD has 7 BG on it left... and i would probably need a DVD-RW+,- because my old
    40-12-48 CD-RW is getting boring. I have a good sound card built in with my processor/motherboard combo... and i have good speakers with a subwoofer(sp?) and a good 19" monitor!...oh i forgot about my 4 in one HD color printer(fax, copier, printer, scanner)i also have REALLY good headphones, keyboard, and mouse, all Logitech...and all the new games/software installed and running on MAX quality! I have a REALLY fast cable modem trough which i sometimes get speeds like 900 kps on normal video d/l's!...i forgot to mention my vibrating Logitech Joypad...i also have about 10000000 other cool features...but oh well!

    dang i dont know if i did that because of bragging or trying to give you helpfull examples

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