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Thread: Alcohol 120%

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    Okay I went to the Alcohol 120% site and downloaded the Trial Version of Alcohol 120%. Then I got a Crack for it.

    Will the crack CRACK the TRIAL Version even though it is not RETAIL?
    It says it will work for XP, but i've had problems using Alcohol 120% and Dameon Tools before (even w/ a fresh reinstall). So I was wondering if i could get explicit details on how to do this correctly w/o fuckin up my system. Thanks

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    yes, cracks do work for retail and trail

    the thing is wit cracks, is that they are know for side-effects, such as re-arranged buttons and such, not all cracks are 110% might wanna search around for a bit for others....

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    what was your problem with daemon tools, its free and mounts everything I can throw in it? nero for burning

    please tell us what issues you were having

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    Well my problem w/ both of them were that for some reason as soon as i downloaded them, i checked them for viruses. Found none so proceeded w/ installation. When I did i got some wierd ass error that said it couldnt' be run under XP, even though i installed it correctly as i know it. It's probably cause it was screwed around w/ on Kazaa or the CRC checks and whatnot were not correct. Oh well, i've learned my lesson.

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    why o why do people download free programs off kazza, I would update your av and do a full scan, sound like you got something
    here the link to daemon tools

    and remember google is your friend, always google for new software, then worry about a serial # or crack


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