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Thread: Kazaa Plus

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    If anyone want to try it i can help .

    Kazaa Plus 2.5

    Enterpriese Edition : KEYK- -RPKF- -4W3X

    Standart Edition : KRYU- -RPKP- -TWYU

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    alright, im gonna pay $50 for interpriese!!

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    I'll wait for the pro version

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    only 29.95 US doller!!!
    practicly a steal!!!!

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    Yes Kazaa Plus install some crap too but not all the crap that comes with the standard Kazaa.

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    Jun 2003
    go sh pm me the serials, ill risk it as i need to format soon

    Edit: thanks for the pm sh, but those serials dont work , stupid russian warez site, it says i need a email address, i tried one of someone i hate with all the serials but none work, so it looks like you need a valid email address! (if that makes any sense&#33


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