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Thread: Kill Bill Part 1

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    Anybody got a working hash file for Kill Bill part 1 they can pass along?

    The hashes so far that I've down loaded here haven't worked or are incomplete (play the first two minutes of so of the film.).


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    any hash thats on here is verified and working, sounds like a problem on your end, try playing it in

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    I downloaded VIC but when I try located and open my video files some seem “invisible” to VIC.

    By this I mean some of the video files (but not all) on my desktop cannot be found by using VIC.

    However these “invisible” files can be found/ opened by using my Window Media or Divx player.

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    if its a file you should be able to open it with videolan, have you ran a virus scan lately

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    Shit! My fault!

    I didn't slide the curser over enough to find the file!!!

    Kill Bill pt1. works great.

    And thanks for the tip on the VIC.


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