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Thread: Deadaim 4.1 Nag

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    i got deadaim 4.1 off bittorrent. I used the serial-n-email in that document that came with it.. Now it nags me again and again everytime i start AIM up that i need to input the serial. Wtf, is there some crack to get rid of this? PM me the website cause i know the rules say you cant post crack links in a post.

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    wtf, i just installed 4.1 theres no diff between 4.0 and 4.1 except the alsais loading thing!!

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    Man that is weird. A lot of people I know keep telling me DeadAIM (both versions 4.0 and 4.1) keep asking them for the serial. But I only put in the serial once, never asked me for it again...

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    i get the prompt sometimes 2, like if i dont shut down right or if aim fucks or my pc freezes

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    I've installed DeadAim on two diferent computers. My desktop I isntalled it earlier...still version 4.0, with a crack. It had never asked for a another serial. On my laptop that earlier crack hasn't worked...and any time i reboot I need to enter a new one. I think JDennis has updated his security. I personally just think AIM should buy it off of him. Or half the US should switch to msn..hehe. I can deal with the Ad on top of aim.

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    if you all have dedaim 4.1 with the serial, can you do me a favor and put it on kazaa and post a hash for it? thanks B)


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