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Thread: Can Someone Post Me A Link To A Bittorent?

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    I would like to dl some more movies (which seems to be becoming more difficult on K-Lite) so I'd like to use bittorent. Unfortunately none of the pinned descriptions of sites like IRC, etc. seem to be nearly as user friendly as K-lite. Can someone post me a link for the most simple yet fast bittorent client they know of?

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    Try Shareaza, the GUI is very simple.
    It has G1, G2, eDonkey and BT all in one.
    Then go to SuperNova and ShareReactor.

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    thanks man.

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    Originally posted by mr00420@3 November 2003 - 01:48
    thanks man.

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    Guest is the best client

    and it will help diagnose problems with speed, tell you if your firewalled or behind a router


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