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Thread: What Can Get You Busted?

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    I have searched the forums, which I have been reading for a couple of hours, and have found no definitive answer to a few questions. What exactly is it that one can get busted for? Is it just the uploading, or the downloading also? For example, if I were to share only free ware and also download stuff that isn't free, could I get a letter/fine? The reason I ask this is because I got a popup message in klite+ while I was downloading a tv episode I had missed. It said something like this in the subject, but I don't have the message saved: Copyright Warning 587. It went on to say that the sharing of files is in violation of copyright laws and for me to stop doing it. I share less than 80 files and keep all of the default settings. o I don't want a $10,000 fine or settlement obviously. Do programs like peer guardian really help? How likely am I to get caught sharing/downloading not brand new movies on mIRC? I know someone who got a letter and an email for sharing a not yet released movie (although an obvious title which is risky to share) as well as being queued for older ones during two unrelated occasions with different isp's. Now they don't share or download at all. I am interested in your opinions, especially if they have valid sources, although any will do. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it and await your response(s).

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    Everyone has a slight chance of getting busted.
    After all if you are sharing/downloading copyrighted materials you kinda expect that.
    Make sure you have the latest KaZaA Lite K++ 2.43 that has the built in Bad IP Blocker and also use the privacy patch to not show shared files.

    As for Peer Guardian you will not need it as K-Lite has it built in
    Download the Latest VersionHERE


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