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    man.. i really need help this time
    after the training
    after the first town
    u have to go acrose a narrow path wit sumone leading u --- after that the loading >>>>>>>>> it goes bac to main menu saying

    delay in load textures

    now all i have to do is click exit !!!

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    i know this game has a weak pak. file that seems to get curruot real fuckin easy so it might have gone currupt when you were installing it. other then that im not sure what went wrong. try re-installing it but back up your saved games so you dont have to start all over thats my only advice.

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    My guess is that it was corrupt when you downloaded it, and it simply didnt check for corruption when you installed it. Use the "kazaa corruption fix" program (link in my signature) to redownload your corrupt sectors. Also - pitbul, im almost positive that it couldn't become corrupt by an installation. When installing, the main files (on the cd) don't get written to, theyre only copied or executed and the chances of corruption for the files that are created is incredibly low.


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