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Thread: Rise Of Nations

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    i got rise_of_nations - sharereactor.exe, how do i use this???

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    What's the file size, more info? If it's below 500mb, double click it. If it's over remove the .exe from the filename.

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    Name file:

    Rise_of_nations - sharereactor.exe


    5 minutes ago


    555827kb (555,8mb)

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    I just found the file you've got.

    File: Rise_of_Nations-FLT.x-gamers.ShareReactor.iso
    Length: 569167536 Bytes,555827KB
    UUHash: =pCQwzFSOArgjGfLoAGijvc4QPGE=
    I think thats it, but yours seems to be renamed to an exe for some reason? Anyway, rename the .exe part to .iso and then use daemon tools (link in signature) to mount the iso, then run! Need any help, just ask.

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    i rarely see files like that with .exe extension

    sounds fishy to me

    probably a fake or could contain possible worms or viruses

    if it's iso then mount the cd image and c if you can installed it

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    i cant remove the exe, and replace it whit .iso

    can i use a other program besides deamon tools

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    why can't u rename? do you have it open? if so you need to close it then rename

    daemon tool is great to mount iso images there is no other better tools out there

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    If it comes up with an error such as "cant rename, file is in use", you have to close kazaa (you might be uploading to someone). There are other programs besides daemon tools such as alcohol 120 (i think its called that), but i prefer and recommend daemon tools, if you cant use it - check the f.a.q link also in my signature.

    If that still doesnt work, follow these steps:

    Go to your "My shared folder"
    Right click on the rise_of_nations - sharereactor.exe file.
    Click rename.
    Then Copy that.
    Paste it here.

    Also, tell me the error or problem you get from trying to rename it.

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    NONONO lol

    1: i dont know how to rename

    2: i downloaded DT (installed)

    3: just give me step by step instructions and ill be on my way

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    Well, its simple to rename a file.
    Open kazaa, click on "My shared folder" at the top.
    Then right click the rise_of_nations - sharereactor.exe file.
    Click on rename.
    Type in RON.iso ( file name doesnt matter as long as its got a .iso on it)
    Hit enter.

    Then, read the daemon tools faq (link in my signature) on how to "mount an image". Thats all you need.

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