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Thread: Which 3d Card Is The Best Bang For The Buck?

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    May 2003
    I'm looking to build a PC, but don't want to spend over $300, but I'd like a card that would be able to carry me into 2005 games with other PC specs being a 2.6GHZ P4 with 1 gig or so DDram.

    I'm not too familiar with the Radeon series...Which is the best for the best price? What about the 256 meg Geforce FX5600?

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    Jul 2003
    OMG, i dont think a card will handle games until 2005, maybe they will but at Framerates of 20 FPS, You can get The Radeon 9600 wich is really amazing for the price you pay...


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