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Thread: Tmpgenc 2513

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    been using this program with good results but it seems to slow my computer down so much it takes ages to open even files,do i need to change anything so i can have it running whilst doing other jobs

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    under Options>Task can change it to do less sources, but to get short as possible tiem for encoding, u really shouldnt run anything esle, encode while ur in bed at night or school/work

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    what do you expect, encoding takes allot of resources, get a faster computer as ram is as used as much as processor

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    TMPGEnc just does that, you can mabey turn the priority down.

    Open TMPGEnc > Click Option > Then make sure the task priority is at normal and that you dont have each frame showing. Make it so it dosent show a preview.

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    u can get the newest 2.521 version from the k-lite site


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