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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2004 - Serial/key

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    The Dark Side

    I must be a numpty! Tried downloading about 6 different versions of NIS 2004 Serial Numbers/Keys. Each one is an .exe file with what appears to be a biohaz icon. When I double click on the icon - nothing! Tried renaming and unpacking via winzip and winrar, not recognised.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks in anticiaption.

    The Dark Side

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    if you opened a .exe and nothing happened, its possibly a virus (oh, the irony)

    as far as i know you need the NIS 2004 keygen, which is around someplace
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    i don't how 2 help u but

    but wot a gr8 word numpty is , iam going 2 start using that more often...

    oh have u tried


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