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Thread: Best First Person Shooter?

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    Hey everyone. What do you think is the best first person shooter that you can download on Kazaa? (added internet play is a + in my case).
    I'm just super bored and the Tribes 2 demo isn't cutting it, so if anyone has one I should try, tell me. Thanks.

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    Jul 2003
    IF you want free Internet game, then download Unreal Tournament....

    IF you can get a CD key for Half life, i would recommend Counter-Strike, WICH ROCKS....

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    Alright, I'll try them out, thanks for the reply.

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    Jul 2003
    Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Raven Shield, UT, UT2003.... lots more.... the best couldnt be classified.... its up to you


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    do deside the best game for you is up to you but irecomend playing cs because ive been playing for lie years mabey longer and i still can sit there and junk out on it for hours but thats at a game cafe its way more fun on lan than a net game cause when you cap some1 all stealth you can hear em scream at there comp

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    i like to play lan sitting with my friend by me so me in middle theyy on left and right and when im last guy i just peek at their computers and see where they are an dkil them lol

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    @oct fellow lan hacker

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    abu_has_the_power's Avatar I have cool stars
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    Apr 2003
    oh boy, so much to choose from. lets c:
    1. cs and hl
    2. ut2k3
    3. mohaa
    4. battlefield 1942
    5. call of duty
    6. doom
    7. doom 2
    8. rtcw
    9. a lot more. just all i can think of now

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    #1 game in the world....drum roll.........

    BattleField 1942 and its expansions...wish i had play it all the time but i got 56k so i dont play it...i got all expansions and stuf fjust sittin her

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    bob_the_alien's Avatar Bob The Alien
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    Aug 2003
    London, Kentucky
    Clive Barker's Undying,

    One of the best games I've ever played, Period.
    "Where did he go, George, Where did he go?"

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