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Thread: Downgrade From Winme To Win98se

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    I tried to search the forums, but i couldn't find what i needed.

    I'm currently running WinMe and I want to downgrade to Win98SE. I have the Win98SE program on cd and I also have the serial # for it , but that's all I have.

    Can anyone please tell me what more I need to do, to be able to install the Win98SE.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!

    THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can't "downgrade". You can format and then install 98 but you'll need all hardware drivers and the chipset drivers for 98 to work with your system.

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    Are the hardware drivers and chipset drivers, something that I can download from microsoft ?.....If not....Is there any other way of getting them ??

    Thanks !!

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    hardware drivers are gonna be for....sound,video,moniters,any cards u put in your computer, such as a modem or network card...

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    OOOOOHHHHH...yeah....of course....wasn't even thinking about that



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