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Thread: Cooling

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    i was wondering which one would be better. im thinking pad becuz i read somewhere that if u dont plan on moving the cpu at all then pad would be better the thermal grease.

    and wouldnt the grease stop working at some point and u ahve to apply more or is it the same w/ thermal pad

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    I don't have personal experience with a thermal pad but artic silver III works wonders.

    On one system i adjusted for a friend (who had generic paste not put on properly) i was able to lower his temps by 10 degrees C (idle) and by 5 degrees C under load. just by properly applying this.

    it can be found online at newegg or possibly at your local computer store...

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    This other thread is about that:

    I was started 3 days ago on Nov, 1.

    Perhaps you could do a little searching before starting a new thread to ask the same question ?

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    ty virtual.....virtual to the rescue again. sry for not searching for the topic first.


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