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Thread: Smart, Technical Peeps Needed

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    Now i doubt anyone will actually know anything about this but its worth a try.
    I need a program called "Digital Loader Reciever v3" its what they use for satellite TV. I doubt anyone knows about this program but if anyone does or if anyone knows anyonther Satellite TV software it would be a great help.

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    i fyour looking for software in MOVE world try SOFTWARE WORLD the REQUEST IT ok REQUEST one more time so you dont f up SOFTWARE WORLD ok click then REQUESTS click then ask for program

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    is it a cleaner or unlocker, what is it?

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    umm well i dont know what a cleaner is but i want it so i can unlock it. To get all the channels.Is Hu loader a program?

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    do you have a card reader/writer, need one and that has some links to get you going

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    i'll explain exactly what i have:
    A sattelite, a encoder (a box) and a card. Its just a standard card that came with the box. When i restard the box and i mean turn the power of from the cord it loads up and says found 189 channels then locks most of them. I want to unlock these channels.

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@4 November 2003 - 03:22
    do you have a card reader/writer, need one and that has some links to get you going

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    well what is a card reader/writer? Is it on the comp or is it the box?

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    you have to buy it or know someone with one

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    oh i know what u mean.
    The little thing that u plaug in to read the card.

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