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Thread: Dsl Speeds

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    I have DSL and I run at 12.0 Mbps and the most kb/s i get is 200 kb/s.

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    I have 512k adsl and the fastest i have seen it go is 70kbs but usually sits at around 50 to 52kbs.

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    is that a 12mb conneciton ?

    if its 12mb connection and u only get 200kb then u got screwed.

    1.5mb adsl is 150kb a sec.

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    im only on the telus 150kb plan but with uploads and downloads i can get it to equal to 200 250

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    Originally posted by DrunkeNStylE@4 November 2003 - 06:08
    im only on the telus 150kb plan but with uploads and downloads i can get it to equal to 200 250
    holy hell - 150kb and ur d/l at 250k???? consider urself extremely lucky, u should b d/l at around 20k w/that shitty speed.

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    Maybe hes got cable

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    ive got 512/64

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    ahh do people still get DSL? haha

    My isp is upgrading to 3mb/sec at the end of the year -

    Cable is the way to go -

    Comcast! (changing isps if they take away the newsgroups)

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    my dsl is 5 Mb/s my down/up ratio is around 768k/128k i frequently get dl's at 400-600 KB/s If you are thinking of getting comcast cable they are the absolute worst company i've ever dealt with in my life when it comes to customer service.I now have QWEST DSL and i'm very happy with it.No cap on my bandwidth and their customer service is great.My modem malfunctioned and a new one arrived at my door the very next day!With cable you are going to be sharing the same line with anyone else who may be in your building or even your neighborhood that has cable so your speeds will fluctuate a lot.
    DSL provides always-available high-speed Internet access over a single dedicated telephone line. Cable modems offer high-speed Internet access over a shared cable television line.
    While cable modems may have greater theoretical downstream (from the Internet to the end user) bandwidth capabilities, that bandwidth is shared among all users in a neighborhood, and will therefore vary, perhaps dramatically, as more users in a neighborhood get online at the same time.
    Upstream traffic (from the customer premise to the Internet) over cable modems will in many cases be slower than DSL, either because the particular cable modem is inherently slower, or because too many people in a neighborhood are trying to send or receive data at the same time - causing congestion in the local cable network.
    So dont believe all you hear about cable being better.
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    i am seriously pissed off with my neighbours wireless bandwidth, they need to upgrade,its killing my downloads.

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