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Thread: Realone Player

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    Ever since Real Alternative came out, I removed anything relating to REALNETWORKS from my PCs. I have a bunch of files (ra) that I dld from my friend's ftp (they're working and she called me to prove it). tried Real Alt. and got the a vague error "Playin...error". i tried to fix the problem (codec, installation, etc...) and no luck.

    cos of the urgency of listening to these files, i decided to go to and just get theirs. To my surprise, they have changed their way of site visitations. I'm behind a chain of hi-anon SSL proxies (8). Simply becuase I blocked all of their cookies and behind proxies, they blocked the downloads and anything relating to that section. googled for "download real player" and "download realone player" the first 2 pages direct to and related. the rest have their dl link to

    So, i went off of the proxies, deleted the caches and cookies then revisted and accepted all their cookies. it was fine until i clicked on the download for xp link. didn't go anywhere and timeout (60 sec). called my friend again so she can send dld real and send it to me, she has left already.

    Now, please save me the hassle of qwaking tonite and provide me with a direct link to someone's site other than and friends. or u may send me the link via pm. if u need my email instead, let me know.

    thank u

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    /ignore this if it doesn't apply

    a correct configuration of gabest and real alternative should work i would try that 1st. I did install ftp recently but i have no clue as to how it works i haven't needed to set it up yet so i can't give any files like that

    sending fiery missiles in manker's japan's general direction.

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    thx. yet it doesn't apply. anyone, i just need a simple click and save to real player (not from

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    Real player

    I downloaded and am hosting the exe file for you, you may still have the same problem since the installer basically downloadis everything from them anyway, but here ya go. (it will be done uploading to there is about 1 min)

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    thx toddiscool. dld in less than 30 seconds. yet when opened, i got the error of "not a valid 32bit application". are u sure this should be an EXE file?

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    Originally posted by nikita69@4 November 2003 - 03:22
    thx toddiscool. dld in less than 30 seconds. yet when opened, i got the error of "not a valid 32bit application". are u sure this should be an EXE file?
    Yep it is an exe, just downloaded from my site to make sure nothing hapened to the file, runs fine.

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    thank u both, both are working and save the link for future reference.

    now, anyone experienced the same? REAL, DOWNLOAD, BESTBUY are a sample of sites that won't allow to go any further unless either cookies, java, active/x are enabled and sometimes proxy OFF.

    The main reason, is not to protect themselves (that's the second reason), instead for marketing purpose. These days, knowing where everyone is browsing and the data captures from visitor is worth a lot money for these companies. PLAIN INVADING OF PRIVACY. Lookup the experiences had with REALNETWORKS, AOL and other companies that use the same tactic.


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