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Thread: 2 Mice, 2 Monitors, 1 Cpu?

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    this is my problem .
    i've got my cpu,monitor,keyboard, and mouse set up in my den.
    In the livingroom i have another monitor and mouse hooked up through the wall to the same cpu along with the audio to my livingroom stereo system. problem is: i have to unplug my ps/2 mouse and monitor from the back of the cpu and plug in the other two every time i want to use the mouse in the livingroom. this is a pain! i found a switchbox (2 PORT KVM SWITCH BOX, PS/2 w/KVM CABLES) on the net but it says that it is for using the same mouse, keyboard, and monitor for 2 different computers. i want to do the opposite. does anyone know if i can use this type of switchbox to do what i want to do. or does anybody have any better suggestions?
    thanks in advance for any support!

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    What you really need is a kvm extender. I am surprised that you get decent operation from your keyboard and mouse, unless they are literally on the other side of the wall. Unfortunately, they are not cheap.

    Alternatively, does your system support USB keyboard and mouse? If so, a front panel option on these makes changeover very easy, and allows a simple mechanical switch option on the video connector.

    If your signal quality really is ok, you could try this which is exactly the sort of thing you describe.
    There are also some extenders here, some of which have local and remote connection
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    thanks sooo much.
    i didn't know there was a reverse kvm switch.
    you've been a great help.


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