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Thread: Video Download Blank

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    Hi guy's,

    First time I dowloaded a movie it asked me to update my codec which I did after reading the FAQ's page. But when i play movie it is playing but is blank. Is this a dummy movie or am I missing something.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    try it in if it doesn't play its a fake

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    It's a fake they don't give u blank screens really what movie is it?

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    Maybe the wrong codec was downloaded for the movie. Try VideoLAN and install the latest K-Lite Codec Pack.

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    it will more likey b a fake...

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    Thanks for your replies,

    The movie was for my kids. Finding Nemo. File was something like 400+ meg and starts to run but only shows a black screen. Even has a little divx logo appear on bottom left. I'm a noob at this so I thought I might be doing something wrong.

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    ok when you download a DIVX movie its mostly or usually over 600 Meg and mostly 700 meg or close.... and if you aint to sure use AVI preview... previews before you fully download once you use this YOU will never get a FAKE EVER Again

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    avi preview or use verifieds to avoid getting movies like the one you dled BTW i dont think this is sopposed to be posted in movie world


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