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Thread: Microsoft Flight Sim

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    hi guys, yesterday i sat for a hour and downloaded microsoft flight sim but when i tried to open it, it came up saying this is not a valid win32 file so does anyone out there know how to open this program. Ive been told the use winrar or some other program but dont really understand how to usr these please help!!!!!!!!!!

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    Well, for Winrar to work, the file has to be a compressed Rar file. or at least a self-extracting compressed file.

    You can try Winace, it will open all compressed files that I know of, just download it, and then open the program, the screen will have a explorer setup, so just use it to search for the file, and open the it.

    If its a valid compressed file, it will extract the contents of the file into a directory, where you can access them.

    Although, if its giving you an error, you could just have a bad file, god knows you can get them from p2p.
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