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Thread: Pics And Ebay Help

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    Guys I'm trying to improve the quality of my ebay pics, I have a 2.2 mpixel
    I know is poor in resolution, but I know there are company or softwares outhere
    that could helpme.

    Any ideas Thanks in advan ced

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    just make sue the area is well lit, my 45 digi cam is great, and i get really good quality pics, and im sure it is only 1,3mp, although it may be 2. something

    natural light is usually better than artificial for taking them

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    There is no software that will improve the quality of your images. You can try to touch them up in Photoshop but that is not really improving the quality. I have a small digital camera that shoots at less than 1 megapixel (800x600) and I still get good pictures. I don't see how a 2,2 megapixel camera can't even produce a decent image.

    Maybe you are doing something wrong?

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    I use 2 flood lights, and still have to lighten them in with PS or similer tool
    and I got a crappy mavaca

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    You are right maddog, I try diferent editing software and i got the same result not much of a change. My problem is shooting small objects like a Watch or anything small again I have a kodak dx3600 2.2 mpx.

    Thank you guys
    any ideas for small objects...


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