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Thread: Flash Mx2004

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    i wanna learn how to use flash mx2004... any suggestions on how to learn? it seems like a complicated program... tried workin w/ it several times and i gave up after a few minutes...

    i've been using swishmax which is alot easier but flash mx seems to be alot better

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    205 has really great tutorials (Beginner to expert) and a helpful message board with people who will answer all questions. is another great site

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    plus they have a tutorial on the dreamweaver website

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    Flash MX 2004 comes bundled with a few tutorial. I thibk you can find them under the Help menu.

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    eh the help in flash mx didnt seem to help me much lol

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    Flash has tutorials inside them, besides the help file. If you really want to learn it's a good place to start. I learned a little bit from doing them... then forgot it all hehe. But I went through a couple tutorials, they're worth your time.


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