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Thread: [REQ] RevoTT or TL

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    Hi guys, been out of touch with the scene for a while now, due to studies. Most accounts I had previously have been pruned or the site no longer exist. LOL. Gone are the days where I just had to collect a bunch of torrent sites..I don't see the point now, and I simply don't have the time either.

    I'm looking to gain entry to either one of the above sites, and hope someone might be able to help me out? The only significant private site I have to show now is Bitme, which I've been using for my studies-related materials. Would appreciate it very much!

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    in fairness to OP that was almost 3 years ago, humour me- if you can guess 3 of the top 10 files on revTT as of right now( I have a screenshot of it) I'll give you a revTT invite


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