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    well first off I think blackcats-games is a cool site but I had account for two days and my account got disabled. before my account was disabled I was have a problem uploading my file to share with the community so i tried using the staff box to get some help but but they didnt even try to help me at all so i tried to contact the owner to see what i could do with my proplem and how to fix it. anyway i didnt even have a chance to be a active member,sharing, donating,posting,exe and my account was disabled. I wanted to contact someone from the site to explain the issues i was having and how I felt i was bullied out without a fair chance or a warning but then i started reading other post about people not even getting a chance and getting bullied out is that how they treat people over there at that site or what? does anyone know someone i could talk to over there and should i even try ? any help would be great thx

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    Go to their IRC help channel, or post your BCG username here and wait for stoi to reply. Here are the IRC details as per the sticky in this section:
    "Come visit sometime, okay? We'll always be here for you. We... we all love you."

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    thank you so much for the info. my user name is the same as my user name here

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    A: when did you try to contact the owner, i havnt recieved any PMs from you?

    B: why did you make 2 accounts, dirtyGK and dgk4life?

    B is why you were banned btw, well both accounts were.

    PS: I love it when ex members come to other sites acting all sweet and innocent as if butter wouldnt melt in thier mouth, and blame the site for being harsh etc, then it turns out they broke the rules after all lol.
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    i just went to the irc and is say not to pm anyone and if you are a member to go to help so i did and it just tells you how to recover you account but i need to talk with someone about my account being disable and i dont want to piss off anyone

    about two day ago
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    ok i will let you off with the PM, but i will be honest and say i have never read it until now (i didnt even know i had it), but the question still stands, why make 2 accounts? and download 4 torrents with your first one and hit and run all, then 2 torrents with your 2nd one and hit and run both of those as well (but that may have been because we banned that account).

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    i made the two accounts because i was trying to get help on the first account and no one would help me. i wanted to upload files to share so made the the other to start fresh and that was my bad

    and if you can look at the messages in the staff box i try to explain that i had some computer problems and had to reformat my drive and lost those file

    the other two were because my account was disabled

    the seeded for 74 hours before i notice they were dead
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    well both accounts are not kitty litter (even though they might have been, we have just changed the way that works in the past couple of days) but on your 1st account you have downloaded 14.12 GB and uploaded 1.03 GB then on your 2nd account you have downloaded 10.91 GB and uploaded 173.11 MB.

    so you have to understand that to us, it just looks like you were taking the piss, download hit and run, sign up, download hit and run and keep repeating.

    and if you were Kitty Litter the system would not have let you upload anyway.

    hmm trying to think what to do for the best here.

    btw there is this on your 1st account

    2010-08-25 - 'uploads disabled because he upped 2 dupes, I deleted them both and he upped the same torrent I deleted.' by blinky

    its not hard to search (and it works now not like before when it was all pear shaped)

    I will re-enable your first account dgk4life, but i will keep your uploading privilages blocked, until you clear the 2 torrents that are hit and runs, and you have a better ratio, then when you have done that, SEARCH before you upload, and i you still have trouble and its not a dupe, and you have read our FAQ/Rules/SP FAQand the Uploading tutorial we have in the forums, i will be pleased to help you, but you have to do some of it for yourself we cant be expected to spoon feed all members.

    ok i have just re-enabled dgk4life.

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    also i did blame the site if you look i said that the site was good site but i did try getting help and never intended to brake any rules

    yeah i understand i was just having trouble with my account thx again
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    Thankyou very much for the donation, but for the record, for anyone reading this, that is a member of BCG, he did not get back in because he donated (i didnt even know he was going too until he just did).

    I just know all the shite that gets spewed around here and other forums regarding trackers and donations, 2+2 = 5 and all that.

    He got back in because I was actually nice, and he donated from his own free will.

    thanks again.

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