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Thread: Kazaa Block On Network

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    Hello, recently the IT department block Kazza and most p2p programs on the network. Is there anyway i can change the port or something to get past the firewall? Thanks

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    Try in K++ :

    Option -> Kazaa Lite K++ Options -> Firewall -> Use Port: => put in here
    which port you want to use. If not all ports are blocked :) it will work.
    You should ask which ports are opened...

    Probably it is gnereally forbidden to use p2p programms in your company
    by the firewall. I remember that in Firewally you have setting to allow only
    certain programs to make connections: that leaded on my pc to the effect that
    all other servers did not work only kazaa ...

    but I will no time install a firewall like norton (although norton antivirus is good)
    cause I good not deinstall it and it blocked all my ports.

    ~nice dreams...


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