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Thread: How to Jailbreak PS3 w/Blackcat USB

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    PS3 (on fw 3.41)
    Blackcat USB
    Flip Software (i used 3.3.1)
    Psgroove Blackcat USB Hex file (w/fixed LED's) Blackcat USB Hex w/ Manager.pkg
    Manager.pkg file
    External USB Drive
    Original PS3 Game Disc

    1) Put the Blackcat USB in DFU mode by flipping both switches to the 1 an 2 positions.

    2) Push the button on the board and look at Device Manager, if it shows up as AT90USB162 you're in DFU mode.

    3) Open Flip and select target device AT90USB162.

    4) Now go into Settings and select a communication medium, choose USB. Your Blackcat's info should show up.

    5) Go to File, hit Load Hex File, and choose the Blackcat USB hex file.

    6) Erase, Blank Check it, and write the Hex file onto the chip.

    7) Hit the verify button to make sure it went through ok, if so just hit the "Start Application" button.

    Load the Manager.pkg onto the external drive. (Formatted FAT32)

    9) Go to your PS3 and do a complete power cycle. (Turn off completely with switch on back.)

    10) Plug in your Blackcat USB, turn on the switch in back.

    11) Power on your PS3 and hit the eject button immediately. (This is the part most people mess up.)

    12) If you did it right, you will have two folders on your XMB. One that says "Install Package Files" and another "/app_home/PS3_GAME/".

    13) Plug in your USB drive with the Manager.pkg file. You should now see it in the "Install Package Files" folder. Run it. You should now have Package Manager installed.

    14) Install your original PS3 game and run Package Manager. It will ask you whether you want to load it or back it up. Back it up!

    15) After a few minutes you'll have a copy of the game showing up. Select it and it will load it to the XMB menu.

    16) Hit the game icon and Play!!!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!

    Please keep in mind that the Hex file is being updated frequently. I'm sure you can find the latest one with a google search.
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    I tried this yesterday with an old 60gb Ps3 and it worked. Downloading games atm

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    thanks i will try

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    good job

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    thank you very much man

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    Thanks mate

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    Thanks will try it soon.

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    This is a lot simpler than I thought...maybe I should look for a PS3 on Craigslist lol. Thx!

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    can i play the games online if the ps is hacked?

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    I'm not exactly sure what a blackcat usb is or what I'm looking for on google image search. Can anyone post a pic please? also, what's the flip software?

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