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Thread: How to get rid of a ringworm.

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    You need 2 bananas and a hammer.

    Day 1
    You stick a banana up your ass and the worm eats it.

    Day 2
    You stick the second banana up your ass and the worm eats it

    Day 3
    The worm comes out of your ass and say "Ey, where is my banana?". Then you hit it on the head with the hammer.

    Done and done!

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    How to get rid of a ringworm.
    The instructions make it look rather like a tapeworm.
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    Regardless of what yer daddy/uncles/priests/teachers convinced you when you were a kid, you can't solve all of life's problems by sticking things in yer ass.
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    As you are an annoying asshole with serious mental problems and no redeeming qualities I would say that it's totally understandable.

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    That sounds like one crappy treatment method
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    Anything is better than one of them straightworm motherfuckers. That's for sure.

    Jesus never had straightworm cunts.

    Read the bible, dicks.

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    A banana in the ass has never hurt anyone. I'm glad everyone laughed hard at my joke.

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    That was a joke? I thought you were trying to explain your first anal experience
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    You realize that what you just posted could probably cause ringworm, right? A joke only makes sense, when it makes sense.
    Ellipses go here.

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    I see ringhunter couldn't keep away from ringworm.

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    So you're saying I put the banana up my ass the first day and then smack it on the head or... hmm. More details pl0x

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