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Thread: Trouble finding eBooks

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    Hey guys, I'm not much of a downloader anymore but I do read avidly. Recently, I've been browsing on Amazon for ebooks because I purchased a Kindle recently. I've been looking for the largest eBooks tracker known. I can provide screens to TorrentLeech and Demonoid (I use Warez bb for everything else) because my TL accts has like a 2 TB Buffer. Let me know guys, thanks!

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    Trouble finding eBooks
    Do you have any specific names of books you're looking for?

    On a sidenote, you may find that BitMe is regarded as the tracker for such material by some, but there are many "low-level" sites which are very good, also.
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    If you're looking for obscure books and literature, you're going to need to do IRC searches yourself. MyAnonaMouse is a good source for literature.
    If you're looking for erratic e-learning books, BitMe's the go to place.
    Otherwise, for text books, Bibliotik and Gigapedia are what you should be looking for (I don't have an account at these two, but friends who do usually get me books I want from there).
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