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    Hi, long time since I posted here. I have been to university, so no private torrenting there (torrent ports blocked) and I can't afford a seedbox. I give away my account to friend when I left, unfortunately he doesn't have any invites and he is using it. Now I decided to move with some friends to an apartment with a decent ISP so I'm back to private torrents.

    I had giveaway here some time ago about 7 invites, so maybe someone can help me with one invite now. I'll provide speedtest and ratio prof if needed. Thanks in advance.

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    You'll need to talk to the staff, or they will think you're trading. Explain your situation to them before you get someone in trouble for inviting you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ringhunter View Post
    You'll need to talk to the staff
    I don't know if they'll like the fact he gave his original account away.
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