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Thread: Sharman Offers Or Seems To Offer...

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    that is the message:

    Kazaa Plus: mehr Leistung gegen Bezahlung Meldung vom 29.08.2003 Sharman Networks, Entwicklerin von Kazaa, hat eine kostenpflichtige Version der Tauschbörsensoftware veröffentlicht. Laut Hersteller bietet Kazaa Plus [1] verschiedene exklusive Zusatzleistungen. Das kostenpflichtige File-Sharing-Tool kommt wie die abgespeckte Kazaa-Variante Kazaa Lite K++ [2] ohne Werbung daher. Zudem soll die Software bessere Such- und Download-Optionen sowie einen 24-Stunden-Support bieten. Zu den exklusiven Kazaa-Plus-Funktionen zählen unter anderem bis zu 3000 Suchresultate, Downloads von bis zu 40 Quellen und die Möglichkeit, zu kontrollieren, wie oft die Files im Tauschordner gescannt werden. Eine Lizenz von Kazaa Plus kostet 29,95 US-Dollar. (sz)

    English version:

    Kazaa plus: more achievement against payment message of 29.08.2003 Sharman network, Entwicklerin of Kazaa, a liable to pay the costs version of the exchange stock exchange software published. According to manufacturer Kazaa plus [ 1 ] offers different exclusive zusatzleistungen. The liable to pay the costs file sharing Tool comes along like the abgespeckte Kazaa variant Kazaa Lite K++ [ 2 ] without advertisement. Besides the software is to offer better search and Download options as well as a 24-Stunden-Support. Among the exclusive Kazaa plus functions rank among other things up to 3000 search results, Downloads of up to 40 sources and the possibility of checking how often the files in the exchange file become scanned. A license of Kazaa plus costs 29.95 US dollar. (sp)

    ==== > ==== >

    What I think about it? I think it extraordinary in some ways funny
    how should I understand 24h support? If I cannot find file I phone
    them and they will offer the file through fasttrack - hehe...

    < === < ======

    ~nice dreams...


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FILES I AM CURRENTLY TRYING TO GET... ~~~~

    Album: Blast From The Past (Eve und der letzte Gentleman)
    Category: Soundtrack

    1. I See The Sun - Tommy Henriksen (previously unreleased) Listen Listen Listen
    2. So Long Toots - Cherry Poppin&#39; Daddies (previously unreleased) Listen Listen Listen
    3. Honey Please - Sonichrome Listen Listen Listen
    4. Rhinoceros - Block (Rhino Hunt mix) Listen Listen Listen
    5. Pretty Babies - Dishwalla Listen Listen Listen
    6. I Will Buy You a New Life - Everclear
    7. It&#39;s The End Of The World - R.E.M.
    8. Trou Macacq - Squirrel Nut Zippers
    9. Mr. Zoot Suit - Flying Neutrinos
    10. It&#39;s A Good Day - Perry Como
    11. Political Science - Randy Newman
    12. Little Belief, A - Celeste Prince (previously unreleased)
    13. Adam & Eve Love Theme - Steve Dorff


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    Originally posted by November 2003 - 17:20

    Album: Blast From The Past (Eve und der letzte Gentleman)
    Category: Soundtrack

    What bitrate do you want on that album ?
    I&#39;ll look out for it on my travels

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    128 would be fine. It at least 64 ... So that my :) ears would not suffer too much...

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    AFAIK, Sharman don&#39;t operate/maintain a forum of any kind for KMD.

    So there&#39;s a chance of Sharman providing international 24/7 support (most likely in phone service) without having to increase any prices - But a hell of a higher chance of hell freezing over

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    yeah, they try to say that every ppl wants the yellow version -
    but now it is time for the new blue experience...

    Nevertheless, Sharman played a role.
    I think it is also difficult for Sharman to make developement like k++,
    they are a company and if things are not go well, ppl maybe jobless...

    yes. true true, there is no official forum...


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    Does anyone know by any chance, has Sharman still got a 128 bitrate limit in the official KMD, or did they remove it from their latest versions?

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    I did not know - but as far I see Kazaa Plus is now available on fasttrack
    with crack - I am going to see that - although I will stay at K++


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