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Thread: Help With Mp2

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    I just D/L'ed MP2 and I tried to install it and about 3/4 of the install it tells me there's as redundancy error with the data3 cab file, which is corrupt when I try to open it with winrar. is there something I can do or can someone send me the good file? or is there another way to fix this problem?

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    try cdmage. if that don't work, dl it from bittorrent. has it. if u dled this from klite, then it's most likely corrupt

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    i can send u the messed up file and maybe u can try that....if u want

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    Octo I would be much oblidged if you could send me the file, but the file is very big and I don't think I could recieve it by e-mail. I'm open to other suggestions
    man do I want to play this game so bad!

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    2 choices really simple ones too

    1. Go out and buy the game if ur desparate

    2. Redownload from or wtvr

    See easy peasy these are really the only choices u have

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    how big is 1 file from mp2 if its 15mb or under you can go Here and make a account then he can send it 2 you

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    the file I speak of is over 600MB!! and as for bittorent I have no idea how to use that anyhow no big deal I'll get it one way or another


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