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Thread: Lost Movie Files

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    Hi all, the other day i left my computer downloading some movie files, when i went back to open kazaa some of the files had disappeared without a trace.
    I thought at first it was my girlfriend messing with my computer/kazaa program, but today the same thing has happened, and no one has had access.
    Has this happened to anyone else, any info would be great.
    thanks a lot,

    sorry about the first post, don't know what happened with that????

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    do you have your program set to clear downloaded files? are they just setting in your shared folder waiting for you to look?

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    Are you asking me or telling me?
    ive looked and i cant see any options in the 'my shared folder' for this.
    i did express that it was only some of the movies that were missing, and i would think that if it was a setting then it would effect all.
    if you want to be helpful maybe you could be a bit more expicit.


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