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Thread: Seedhost.EU - Problems Again...

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    Any you guys have services with these guys? I ordered a server through paypal 50+ Hours ago and so far i have not recieved any login info. I submitted a trouble ticket and got a quick response but they kept telling me that the login information was sent to my hotmail account and it may have been dumped in the Junk Folder. Well I check twice already and so far there is nothing in that folder from and they are not listed in the block senders list. I tried asking them to send it to a different email but they stopped responding.

    It's been almost 3 days and my server has been active on the status page with an IP address available but i can't do nothing with it without login details. WTH? And it's pretty useless trying to contact anyone through the chat IMS since no one is ever available.

    Any recommendations or suggestions before i pull the plug on this one with Paypal?

    IF anyone knows a support/sales user from that browses theese forums let me know.

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    Ive also had problems with seedboxes, their replies to tickets seem to be either really fast or super slow. maybe they only have one person working the tickets and he/she has other stuff to do.

    stick with xirivk or rapidpeer, both reply in no more than 24 hours ive found.

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    Someone went on vacations...


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