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Thread: Ms Flight Simulator 2004

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    I'm trying to install, but everytime I try to it freezes on the "Installing DirectX 9" but i already have it and I can't just by pass it, can someone help me please.

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    hey, i have fs2004 too. okay, first off, u can bypass the directx 9.0 installation if u already have it installed. which version of fs2004 did u get and from where? deviance? suprnova/bittorrent? please elaborate, and if possible send me an picture attached to an email, i've pmed u my email address (msn). i'll help a fellow simmer out anyday, btw, fs2004 is dodgy and buggy so don't expect it to run all smooth. i've tweaked my fs2004 and it runs at medium settings (graphics) (1024*768) at an average fps of 20 fps on my crappy 32 mb geforce nvidia 100/200 vc! neways, just give me a more brief explanation.

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