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Thread: Kazaa Attempting To Block Distribution Of Kazaa Li

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    The company behind Kazaa is considering legal action against the creator of Kazaa lite and have begun an aggressive campaign to shut down all websites offering downloads of Kazaa lite, or search engines with links to download sites.

    Computer users argue Kazaa mislead them following the release of Kazaa V2.1 because of the spyware that accompanies the program. The spyware MUST be installed, disabling the spyware programs will in turn disable Kazaa.

    Kazaa argues that Kazaa lite and other Kazaa hacks could contain "malicious and dangerous code" which could potentially harm the computers of those who use the programs.

    Conveniently however, Kazaa has negelected to say outright that the spyware that comes bundled with the "official" version of their software can often cause system problems and memory drags on users systems.

    So is Kazaa taking a hypocritical stance here? Seems so to me. What are your thoughts??

    Link to Kazza copyright notice:

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    the topic was already discusses as I remember, but
    just to mention: also, if they would shut down all sites,
    kazaa lite k++ could distribute in the kazaa network.

    and probably you hear: they tell to remove
    some k++ links, but as I see they are still there...

    I think everything should be foundable on -
    ppl should choose between kazaa yellow and blue.

    thanks & nice dreams...

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    Great pic


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