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Thread: Internet Explorer 9 Beta seeing public release later today

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    I can't be bothered to submit news anymore in the new crappy layout, so here you go.

    We all knew today was the day, but just in case you've been zoned out in Kauai the past few weeks, Microsoft's getting set to release its refreshed build of Internet Explorer to the general public today. IE9 Beta is said to be a beta that's essentially done, so you shouldn't have too much to fear when the download links go live later today. The crew at Redmond claims that it's far more compliant with HTML5, CSS3 and SVG2 standards, and that it's the only game in town with full hardware acceleration. Keep an eye on that source link for a shot at downloading your copy later today, and if you're terrified of offending your existing Firefox or Chrome installation, we'll do you one better -- our own in-depth review will be going live in a matter of hours.
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    review is out ;

    well, they are surely back in the game. It looks pretty good ,and I think they are going get many of their users back from firefox.

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    WOW! you only need a 233mhz processor to run the thing. But wait a minute, it will not install on XP, WTF is that? Way to cripple your chances of success by eliminating the most popular OS in your arsinal. IDIOTS!

    Microsoft is controlled by morons, who pick their noses and flick boogers at the wall all day.
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    Love the clean interface, however as long as I do not have adBlock Plus for IE, I just don´t care^^
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    why to use explorer when you have firefox and chrome ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by berfor View Post
    why to use explorer when you have firefox and chrome ?
    Maybe because Microsoft is actually trying to do things right with IE9?
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    I tried it but i didnt like

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    Still my favorite browser will be Mozilla.

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    It really depends on your preference.
    Like me, I was a loyal IE user until I had no choice but to use Firefox on a friend's PC. I found out that Firefox has more features, and it's faster and stable compared to IE.
    Chrome is great, too. That's why I am never going back to Internet Explorer.

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    After using FF (memory hog) for some years, I decided to try other browsers... Started with Opera that worked for some time but it still can't display loads of websites correctly. Then I tried Chrome which I'm using now. I miss some goods here and there but I like it. (I still hate its icon though). IE 9 is here too, as a backup browser but I almost don't use it. But it's seems to be a nice browser too.

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