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Thread: monitors colors not looking good like before..!!

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    hi guys,

    yesterday i installed vista again & installed all required drivers on it..but monitor colors totally messed up..u guys have any idea wats wrong with it..??

    any gud advice

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    if its a CRT monitor try to find the degauss option with the buttons on the monitor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yevgeny View Post
    if its a CRT monitor try to find the degauss option with the buttons on the monitor.
    Good idea, specially if there's any sort of magnetic field near the monitor itself.

    If that doesn't work, I suggest you try reinstalling your monitor and/or video card drivers. The former ones may come with an ICM file bundled (as it's the case for me) - that's a color profile, and you should make sure it's being used via display properties after you finish.
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    Did you get the latest update for your video card?
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    Just unplug everything and plug them back in, if it doesn't work reinstall the vista.

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    First u do as wat Expeto is saying unplug everthing & plug it again may fix it..but if probs is still there then do upadate video card..for dis u can try this application Advanced Driver helps in scanning outdated drivers of ur PC..and then u can download the latest drivers from it..i m also using it & i never faced any problem after using it..!!

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    If all the above does not look if you accidentally installed a special driver for you display. I once installed a special dell driver for my 24" display, which just messed everything up, including the colors. Took me about a weak to find the problem.

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    It's probably not a hardware issue. I agree with the poster above, double check the drivers you installed. BTW, do you have a graphics card? If yes, check again if you installed the correct driver for the card.

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    what exactly '.but monitor colors totally messed up.' means? colors wrong? or just not bright enough? or missing color? could you take a picture and post it here?


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