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Thread: test server

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    EDIT: the test period has ended, and the login no longer works.

    This test server from allows up to 16 connections and apparently unlimited speed. Currently 375 days of retention and, it seems, excellent completion.
    port 119
    (no username/password)

    For anyone thinking "It's useless to me, I already pay for an unlimited account at Giganews" - don't forget that in most newsreaders you can also set up backup servers to fill in missing articles or headers.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    i got about 1MB/s here on the west coast usa.

    thanks for the heads up zot.

    not bad.
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    many thanks for this Zot - I'm on a block account so this is very useful.


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    Thanks for sharing this one. It's working fine, and let's enjoy it while it lasts.

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    I don't use newsgroups as much as I torrent, but from what you've posted, this looks amazing for a free service... thanks, zot!
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    nice sharings...

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    Nice one!

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    This server has been around for ages, its never up for very long and then disapears for ages.

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    Let's enjoy while it lasts... Thanks for sharing Zot.
    Thanks to aburyach,berserk1980,colterwood,Detale,Evandro,gamer4eva,RealitY,shamong,titana & Xsensei for their help.

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    Be warned - after downloading some perfect files, I discovered that this test server can have a LOT of incompletes on other files.

    By comparison, Blocknews had 100% completion on this particular month-old file. (So it might not be a bad idea to configure a backup server.)

    I'm not complaining. Not at all. I believe that any test server THIS BAD will probably not be taken out of test status and put up for subscribers any time soon. So leech away.

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