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Thread: latin movies

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    any open sites where i can find spanish movies...

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    I know a few trackers, but they aren't open. If you're willing to use one-click hosters, look in
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    I would recommend you to stay around here a while and look into requesting a Karagarga invite someday. It has pretty much everything there is. Ratio is a pain there though, with so much stuff you'll want to get. PuntoTorrent has a lot too and it's neither hard to get an invite (just register on their forum and request one in the appropriate thread) nor hard to keep a ratio, look out though, a lot of old stuff is unseeded and they don't seem to have the dedication to keeping the old torrents available somehow like in KG; They also have that nasty tracker script (called XBTIT i guess) installed. KG on the other hand is a beauty of a site.

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    BTArg and ChileBT are good ones but they are closed

    maybe you'll be interested in this list
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    Thanks for that link Camaleon. I am also looking for Spanish torrent sites. I'm already a member of Bitchil & Lokotorrents, but I find most of what's listed there are English films that have been dubbed into Spanish, and have accompanying English subtitles.

    Specifically, I would like to find [Spanish audio + Spanish sub]. Films native to Latin America or Spain that include subtitles in Spanish, like would be used for the hearing impaired.

    Would BTArg or ChileBT have what I'm looking for? Karagarga? or any of the sites listed at Torrentking? Or are they similar to Bitchil & Loko?
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    Country: # of torrents
    Mexico: 403
    Argentina: 369
    Spain: 1103
    Colombia: 37
    Venezuela: 26
    Chile: 88
    Peru: 18
    Cuba: 72

    You get the point.

    edit: this numbers are for torrents in the category of movies, there may be movie dupes due to DVD lossless/lossy coexistance.
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    Great, thank you elbuitre!

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    for argentinian movies, u should try siscate also....
    for spanish , u should check spanistracker... i,m quite sure it's open..
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    also veinticuatrofps for non-mainstream movies.
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    Thanks Lucifer for SpanishTracker. I tried , but it's redirecting to , an anti-piracy site.

    And thanks for 24fps cinephilia. It sounds promising as I'm not a big fan of most Hollywood type movies.

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