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Thread: Mary K Letarnou Film Bassed On True Sad

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    I recently saw this film here in Nuremberg, Germany, Europe.
    about a woman called Mary Letarnou - I've never heard something
    of her and this story before. The film is based on what happened to her:
    She fell in love with a 13 year old boy (her pupil) get caught by the police
    and is still until 2005 in prison.

    Ok, what I think about it and the whole story:
    It iust make me feeling sad to see people not being opened - ok people also just humans - and some ppl who played a part in this issue are not really opened.
    Ok, I also understand in some ways why these laws have been introduced,
    to protect children - but each cases different. That is why a judge has a great responsibility. But a judge is also just a human unfortunately... :( And this judge
    gave her 7 years - ehj man, I think if you saw or know this story or if you have been in London it is really unbeleivable... I never heard of her story before and it is for me nothing extraordinary if two persons love each other - ok, maybe he was 13 years - my god - but young womans yre also marrying old mans, ok ,it could not be compared some would say, but what I want to say, after I have been in London ( - my london experience & images 02-2002 ), that would not be something extraordinary. That just prove me one more time: London is the really only place where people are really opened - and if not these are also just humans - but that is a little sad.

    Something more to these: If I am opened man, I am really opened:
    ok, I do not want to see naked people, cause my friendshios based on my friends
    character :) But I tell you openly what I am thinking... If you can tell openly
    what you are thinking in a way that does not hurt it is ok - but first more
    IMPORTANT: tell openly what you think...

    My thoughts during I see the story:

    man, man, these people are "ill" these all people are ill, "No openedFile & thought-

    But it is the same behaviour -if you look on other stories in america:
    related on RIAA and Filesharing: RIAA sued a young girl for sharing, ehy man
    it is extraordinary, no not extraordinary only sad... what people can do...
    Second example: I heard long ago a woman put her dog in the Microwave
    and later sued the company of her Microwave for not explaining that animals should not be put into it.

    I do not why London is more opened - as I see - probably there are many people
    on a small place - and that make me thinking still: if someone is different or whatelse someone do: he is just humans. and we have to share our thoughts to understand each other better. I wish I could share my feelings with you as well.

    Hope you get glimpse of Londons wonderful atmosphere between people :)
    you can have a look on my images.

    ~nice dreams...

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    She was his teacher. He was a 13 year-old boy. She was a 35 year-old married woman. She also ended up bearing two of his children. Teachers, like most other professionals, have a code of ethics, which she very obviously violated.

    Flip it around if you want. It's a 35 year-old man and a 13 year-old girl.

    Both children are jailbait.

    Don't be surprised if someone who goes after jailbait ends up in jail.

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    It is invariably true that strive and struggle can make a story or event so much sweeter and touchng (and i think this is in the vein of your post, I have not doubt you are not condoning child abuse, but have been touched by what you have seen as a moving tale), however like another poster here at the age 13 i think the moral issue over shadows it.

    If we even where to leave arguements of child abuse aside (though i'm not sure how we could), sex invariably leads to children (100% controception is not available), at the age of 13 could some one be developed personally enough to take on such an awesome responsibility (and many aged 16, 18 even 40 may not be either)

    It would be nice if our world did not need morality and ethics enforced on it by law, unfortunately the nature of man requires it does, however if some people had not asked "what if?" during the course of the world it would probably have been unhabitable by now.

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    Yeah, really I know and understand the laws - it is just to protect children, but
    if the story really was like in the film - both love each other - my god - also if she was her teacher - teachers are unfortunately also humans, and not all teachers are good, only a few ones are truely teaching you useful stuff - but my god if both
    love each other and it has influence on the marks the student gets - cause
    if students pay money their teachers to get better marks or so, that should not be... but laos just human nature. but otherwise, my god, what I also wanted to
    say that some people in america - not all - have really strict imaginations and
    are more conservative - nothing against them they are just humans, but some things are not so serious - but: if no one of these two ppl was the miss(abus)ed,
    - I would not take such persons to jail and I think in germany if it children are not
    being missused... although laws in germany against child pornography are strong, and that is in some ways good - but they also should look on each case ...

    I only heard in the news one time by a similar case in englandī, I think.

    by the way: there are also many ppl beating their children and not getting
    into jail for that...

    thanks anyway, david.

    ~nice dreams...

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    Hi David, I saw this film a few years ago. It's such a difficult one, but I think that these were exceptional circumstances and there should be some sort of provision in the law to deal with that.

    They were very foolish, but then love is ain't it? Sometimes age just doesn't come into it, and I think they proved what they had WAS love and not pedophilia. I thought it a pity that they didn't hold back for a while, as it is they have been forcibly held back for years, and a mother of 2 children has been jailed for loving their father. It does make the law seem an ass.

    Mind you, I don't have any illusions that they will last as a couple, but hey, how many do? Happily anyway. You have to sometimes take happiness when you see it, regardless of the risk. I think that's what these 2 individuals did, and the price they are paying is too high.


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    Instances like this cannot be considered on a case-by-case basis. If they were, peadophilia would increase, and the culprits would claim special circumstances. Here was a 35 year old adult with a 13 year old child. The adult, a teacher, was in a position of trust, and the child, whilst at school, was in her care. She broke that trust, and had sex with a child. If I remember correctly, she was ordered to stay away from him whilst on bail, or parole, she broke those conditions, saw him again and fell pregnant. She was warned by the court, and chose to ignore it. She is a paedophile and got what she deserved.

    I'll find this case and comment further.

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    This wasn't easy to find as her name on this thread was wrong, her name was Mary K Letourneau.

    Here is one opinion ...

    Letourneau began having sex with a 13 year old boy, one of her former students, in 1996. These incidents of child rape led to her pregnancy and, ultimately, the birth of their child. Letourneau's husband filed for divorce and took their four children to Alaska. One of the children from this marriage is 13 years old as well. Her obsession with this boy, a mere child, was out of control. She abandoned her family, her career, her morals and the law.

    Saying she was in love with the boy, Letourneau sat before her judge and pled for mercy, stating she knew that what she had done was offensive and wrong. "Help me help myself" was her cry, which did not fall on deaf ears. Letourneau received a suspended sentence and spent less than three months in jail - following the birth of her child in May, 1997. The extent of her punishment was to participate in a sex offender program and to have no further contact with the boy she had raped.

    Less than a month after her release from jail, predator Letourneau was found in a parked car with the boy - at 3:00am! In what appears to be a plan to flee the area, police found $6,200, a passport, women's, boy's and baby clothing, beer and snack food. When confronted by police, Letourneau gave a false name.

    Squandering her second chance a freedom - a chance she never should have been given, Letourneau was speedily brought before the same judge and sentenced to serve her full 7 years. Again, as before, Letourneau sat in prison garb sobbing and in tears, her lawyer asking that she be forced to complete her sex offender counseling - outside of jail. In the face of new allegations of sexual contact with the boy shortly after release from prison, additional charges of child rape are being considered which will add to her sentence.


    The Debate

    There are many sites on the net about this case, the real case, not some weepy film.

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    Did she force the child to have sex with her or did they willingly have sex?Personelly i can't see anything wrong with little ones having marriages(if they are capable) ,if this is a case of rape,then I have no problem with her in jail


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