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Thread: Article: PC Game Digital Sales Have Now Outpaced Physical Sales

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    I guess a lot of this is the big offers STEAM give. I can almost always find newer games cheaper on disc compared to STEAM though

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    i agree with duke plus i prefer to own the games on disk

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    I dont like owning games on disks coz 3 or 4 years down the line I keep wondering should I throw away the game (disk, box etc) or keep it? And it ends up being everywhere with manuals, CD keys or/and disks missing eventually. With steam all is orderly, no boxes around and I dont have to go through the hassle of looking for patches ...
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    I completely agree with you Tarom but when it comes to cost, if the game is cheaper on disc which is usually the case with new releases then needs must lol. Personally I would have thought digital download would always be cheaper (no delivery cost, disc cost, packaging cost, warehouse costs, staff handling costs, etc) but oddly not the case


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