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Thread: where to buy jailbreak for ps3?

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    guys i see all this ps3 games on torrnet sites yet i dont see where i can buy the jailbreake device?? im not gone buy it soon , just wanted to know where/. thanxs

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    You can find it on eBay

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    im looking for somthing more serious than that. also i know its just the begining of this device im looking for store or shop. thanxs
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    Ellipses go here.

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    There is no need to buy jailbreak anymore. All new PS3 will require 3.50, therefore you won't be able to play them.

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    i am sure there will be a custom firmware to bypass this soon

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    use ur ti-84 graphing calculator

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    Rather expensive if you ask me. I would recommend buying yourself a USB controller and flash it with some HEX code. Not that difficult. If you want some tutorials let me know.

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    amazone i believe


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