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Thread: Problem With Windows Xp Home

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    Been having problems shutting down, ran scandisk, here`s what happens;
    It runs through the three stages,then i get this;
    Correcting errors in the volume bitmap
    Found problem with file system
    Run CHKDSK with /F to correct these.
    So i type CHKDSK/F then it says cannot run as the volume is in use by another process, would you like to schedule this volume to be checked next time system starts? y/n.

    Cant i run /F because its correcting the first problem? (volume bitmap)
    Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.
    Also, how long would it take to correct the first problem, and do i just leave it running, and will it give me a message when the first problem is fixed?
    Thanks again.

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    just get xp pro, home sucks

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    Thanks a lot for your`e help.............

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    maby its time for a fresch instal ?

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    check the link. next time a problem arises, follow this GUIDE and i'd suggest u get either firebird or a right click utility that u can highlight, right-click and google. that's what i always do and 90% of the times i get what i'm searching for.

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    Mate to do a proper chkdsk you need to do it from dos ..because it need total access..Just change your bios to boot from the xpcd and use the repair cmd.

    type "chkdsk /f /r"

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    Thanks all


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