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Thread: PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.50 Blocks Exploding Third Party Controllers

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    "counterfeit devices"?

    Assholes. I hate Sony more with each new firmware update...

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    Interesting move by Sony. I failed to find any information regarding the exploding devices beside sony warning about it. This makes me believe there is either a very very small change of it exploding (Like any electronic device?) or they a just lieing to justify these changes.

    I do however see a lawsuit coming expecially in the EU. Not sure if they would win, but this seems to be against free market policies. However do not know a lot about them and do not know what people can do and can not do with there own IP. This however does feel just like MS lawsuite in with they where forced to introduce other browser with there windows and not just promote then own IE.

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    After installing 3.50, my PS3 now takes an excessive time trying to connect to the internet through my router. Prior to this upgrade, my PS3 would connect to the internet, then to the PSNetwork, all within a few seconds. Now minutes seems to elapse while it is trying to connect.

    Anyone else had this issue?

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    yup my ps3 keeps logging in and out randomly none of my other systems do that but on the other hand my 3rd party controller still works after the update


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