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Thread: Looking for a few Psych Textbooks

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    Hey All,

    So I went through Demonoid, NZBs, TorrentLeech and can't find these books. Can anyone do a quick search and see if they can find them.

    Keys for Writers by Raimes; Jerskey 6th Edition perferbably

    Child Psychology, A Contemporary Viewpoint, Third CDN Edition
    Author: Ross D Parke, Mary Gauvain, Mark Schmuckler

    Cognitive Psychology: In and Out of the Laboratory
    Dr. Kathleen M. Galotti (Author), Myra Fernandes (Author), Jonathan Fugelsang (Author), Jennifer Stolz (Author)

    I tried elbitz and couldn't find them there either. Please help, greatly appreciated.

    Only found them on coursesmart.

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    Welcome to the site. This thread may be useful to you:

    Good luck finding the texts and with your classes!
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    Were you able to find the Child Psychology Textbook?


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