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Thread: Webcam

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    can anybody give me advise on what would be a good webcam to bye.that aint going to be to dark in low light?

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    I suggest you buy a Logitech webcam for like $50 or so and a desk lamp! There is also that bad ass aluminium-enclosed $100 webcam from Apple but who buys such an overpriced webcam anyway?

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    I just recently bought the Logitech 4000 from Costco for approx 46.00 (80.00 in Argos). Gr8 cam with 1.3mega pixel camera, captured video and audio as well as a few other nice features. Very easy to use/setup.
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    i want 1 that will be ok in a dark room even with light on my digital camera is a bit dark so if there is one i can change settings on.

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    Theres plenty of tweaking options available, so far it's worked great in all conditions. One thing they suggest is not to have any bright lights behind you, but we all know thats a general rule that applies to all photography anyway. If you want I'll post some screenshots of the option tabs ?
    ABIT NF7s--Athlon 2800--80gbMaxtor--41gbIBM--1024DDRpc3200--PowCol9800XT--Pioneer106DVD/RW--PlextorCD/RW--SonyDVD

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    its ok i just got a cam and it dose the job fine thanx for all the help


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