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Thread: Scene movies tracker with fastest RSS Feed?

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    I'm looking for a private tracker that specialises in scene movie releases. The most important criterion is that it's RSS feed be fast and updated with new releases quickly. I'm a member of scene access and it's tracker is unfortunately quite slow updating unfortunately. Thanks for any help

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    RSS update "speed"/frequency is a property set by your torresnt/RSS client, not by the tracker. The data in the feed is automatically updated when the torrent is uploaded and being seeded. Configure your client to update RSS feeds more frequently (within the tracker's allowed times) and you're set.

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    Oh great! I'm using Google Reader....I'll have a look for the settings so....hope you are right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kooyonga View Post
    Oh great! I'm using Google Reader....
    Are you using the RSS to autodownload torrents or what?

    If that's the case and speed is so important for you, you may want to consider using an IRC autodownloader.
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