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Thread: [Giveaway]Bithumen

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    I figured this would be such a high demand invite that it deserved it's own thread. Right now I got 11 stars and I figure to get more all the time since I'm using my seedbox to buffer there, so I should be able to win an auction for an invite there. The rules are the same as my other giveaways, impress me. I will consider a lot of things - like how you apply in this thread, your post history, screenshots, and speedtest.

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    WOOOOOW Great give

    i hope getting this tracker more and more but no way to get it

    i hope you give it for me

    speed test


    and if you need more just ask me and i'll be available sooooon

    thx alot

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    Hey man,

    Awesome generosity. I would definitely appreciate the invite and would certainly contribute to the tracker. I'm only on a few sites, and only one other 0day tracker, but have very positive ratios on them all. I seed all day every day! I have a pretty decent connection, right now I'm on my slower connection:

    I want the invite to gain access to content that I can't currently find!

    Thanks for the consideration!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum View Post
    And it's pretty visible too. For example:

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    i am Chinese,English is poor,but i try to get bh at this time,the first my connect network uploader and download speedtext almost 2MB ADSL,and also i dont like to buffer my acc,because i know what i need to download to my computer,may be i am not a good persone on some privite tracker,but i try to donate and support tracker,i think it is a good thing to us live and talking about anything,thought bh languese is really hard to understanding,but who care about you say another languese,may be some times you try you best download and not trade you acc and stay you own tracker and support you tracker,it is enough,
    thx anymore!

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    Even though the tracker has a lot of english content, I'd prefer a member who understands Hungarian so they could use all the torrents the site has to offer. There are 0day trackers that offer a lot more English content. Not saying BH isn't useful for English users, I like the place myself, just saying it would be better for a local user. I'm still going to give it to the most suitable applicant, no matter where they are from, but language is still something that should be factored in.

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    You know, you don't have to give it away at all.
    Ellipses go here.

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