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Thread: Question on failed downloads

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    I'm using SABnzbd and astraweb.
    I tried downloading Casino Royal. Now it's under "complete" but as _failed_
    And there are 4 folders, original, one with .1 at the end, one with .2 at the end, and one with .3 at the end.
    The original one has rars 22 to 46, 65 to 97 and 125 to 133
    The .1 one has rars 80 to 90 and 114 to 124
    The one with .2 is empty
    The one with .3 at the end has rars 1 to 20, 47 to 64 and 98 to 113.

    And I have the same type of problem with 2 other movies.
    I'm new to newsgroups, I'm not sure what that means, or if there is a way to fix it?

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    The way to fix it is with the PAR files. You can open them in Quickpar. It then scans the files and tells you how many blocks are good, how many corrupt, and how many repair blocks you have, and lets you repair if there are enough repair blocks.
    But I think sab does this all automatically anyway, so you might be out of luck unless you can find more PARs for the movie you downloaded.

    Another option is to find a couple (or all) of the corrupted RARs at another source, such as torrents. You need enough so that the repair blocks will outweigh the corrupt blocks, and then repair from there.

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    Okay thanks. I'll play around.
    What was the cause of this for 3 movies all at the same time? astraweb? It was giving errors about connecting, would that be it?
    ** Well I put them all in one folder and it looks like only 5 are just a few megs short of what they should be. I will see if I can fix it with Quickpar. Thanks
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    That shouldn't be happening.


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